Proudly South African Sharon Boonzaier, the artist behind Sharon B Design creates bold, fresh, sophisticated artworks depicting natural beauty, which she has transformed into a décor range including candle shade and linen décor. Her unique way of capturing nature in motion honors our indigenous wildlife while creating a constant reminder of the need to preserve our environment.

"Ink demands a level of spontaneity. It does not like to behave, nor be told what to do! It will run exactly where you don’t want it to go and then create something totally magical. I like to set the "stage" for the ink and watch it perform. Luckily it eventually dries and a spontaneous bit of artistic magic is trapped forever. The challenge is to try achieve this same movement with oils." 

Exploring a myriad of creative mediums from sketching and oil paintings to murals and lighting. Layered cut-out shapes, collage, dappled light and spontaneous ink & oil effects form part of her signature style.

Sharon B Design creations are proudly manufactured and packaged in South Africa, supporting local employment and skills development. 

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